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Graphic & Motion

UI from Life – 3D Motion Graphic

"UI from Life" is a 3D motion graphic project where I experimented with how everyday objects inspire flat UI design and how it can be translated into 3D space. During the process, I learned the fundamentals of 3D modeling, rendering, and animations. Created using Cinema 4D, Octane Render, and Adobe After Effects.

Travel with UBI – Service Promo

A promo motion graphic project I created for my project UBI, which you can check for more details here. Created using Sketch and Adobe After Effects.

Crazy Ones – 2D Motion Graphic

A short typographic 2D motion focused on experimenting with retro style look, feel, and graphic expression. Created using Adobe After Effects.

Infographic Poster Design

A series of infographic posters I created where I explored how to combining 3D with 2D design and various ways of representing data and categories. Created using MagicaVoxel and Sketch.

Typography Poster / Brochure

Traditional and brochure-convertible posters where I learned and explored more on typographic principles including kerning, alignment, and grid system. Created using Adobe InDesign.

The G Icon Packs

The G icon packs, Galet & Gemini IconPacks, are two packs of app icons I created in order to unify the inconsistent Android app icons, which are different in sizes, shapes, and design languages. These two icon packs, containing a total of 900+ icons, both feature coherent yet unique design languages. The icon packs are now being downloaded more than 150,000 times combined since their releases.

Galet IconPack
2017 – 2020

Galet IconPack is inspired by the traditional Chinese Go chess stones in black and white color, while also providing a strong light and shadow relationship. You can download this icon pack on CoolApk, a Chinese Android App distributer.

Gemini IconPack
2018 – 2020

Gemini IconPack is inspired by the original Google Material Design icons while adding more depth, materials, and colors. You can download this icon pack on CoolApk, a Chinese Android App distributer.


Barron Slayer

2016 – 2018

Barron Slayer is a dictionary app coded and designed by me. It allows users to find obscure words from the famous "Barron 3500" word list while enjoying smooth animation and experience. Barron Slayer is compiled in Swift and open source. You can check the original code and words list on GitHub.