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A Little Summary

Who am I?

Hi, I am Tianhao He, you can also call me Clyde :)

I'm currently an Interaction Design student at ArtCenter College of Design in LA. With a combination of UI/UX, graphic, motion design skills, and tech passion, I recently worked at ByteDance and helped design and globalize Feishu / Lark. Before that, I worked at Interactivism as a UI / UX designer and helped different clients create beautiful and future-proof products. I also cooperated with startups like Poparazzi, Hypercard, and Lolly to create exciting motion design projects. I also did lots of fun side projects which you can check out here.

This is me!
Why Design?

Since my younger age, I have always been a passionate tech nerd who enjoys tinkering, coding, and evaluating products. Over time, I realized that I was more interested in how a design decision in the product can fundamentally influence the users and how different parts or products together can create a more fluent user experience. My curiosity expanded beyond technology itself into the design fields.

When I'm Not Designing...

I take photos

I enjoy taking random photos! My current go-to setup is Fujifilm X-H2S and lenses including 56mm f1.2, 16mm f1.4, and 16-55mm f2.8. Here are some of the photos that I'm most proud of, and you can also find the others on Unsplash.

Some of my photos
I tinker with tech products

Emerging technology always intrigues me, and I always enjoy trying out new tech products and assembling customized stuff like PC and mechanical keyboards!

Some of my tech
I play with my cats

These two little fellas joined my family 2 years ago from the shelter, and hopefully that I'm not doing too shabby and they are having some good time! You can find both Fury and Fish on Instagram.

Meet Fury and Fish!
I love video games

For me, video games are the best way to do interactive art and storytelling. Hit me on Steam or other platforms if you found me ;)

Some personal favorites

Tons of Thank You ❤️

I would love to thank all the mentors, friends, and families who supported me during the process and helped make this little website a reality~

Yujia Li
Jiacheng Yang
Young Chen