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Design, Tech & Photography.

Hi, I am Tianhao He, you can also call me Clyde :)

Since my younger age, I have always been a passionate tech nerd who enjoys tinkering, coding, and evaluating products. Over time, I realized that I was more interested in how a design decision in the product can fundamentally influence the users and how different parts or products together can create a more fluent user experience. My curiosity expanded beyond technology itself into the design fields.

Currently, I'm studying Interaction Design at ArtCenter College of Design in LA. With the combination of UI/UX, graphic design, 3D design, and tech passion, I am looking forward to creating services and design that enhance people's daily lives and preparing for the future as technology progresses fast forward!

Thank you for being here, and feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat!

They are Fury and Fish
These are my photographs