Summer 2021 • UX Design Intern

I recently interned at ByteDance and helped designing the future of Lark and Feishu.

What I Learned

About My Internship


UX Design Intern
Lark Design - Beijing


May – Aug '21
12 Weeks


Product Thinking
User Research & Testing
UI / UX Design


Feishu / Lark


Last summer, I interned at ByteDance as a UX designer and helped to build the future of Feishu / Lark's main app and provide better features and experience to millions of toB users.

Working and designing at ByteDance was such a refreshing experience for me, considering it was my first real-world internship besides all the side projects I do. I'm honored to collaborate with talented PM, design, and engineering team and participate in multiple quality of life and feature updates as well as exciting confidential design projects. The most important project (or feature) I participated during that time will coming soon on the live version of Feishu / Lark.

This work is still under NDA :(

If you’d like to learn more about my experience and what I designed at Lark, please contact me and let's have a chat!

Challenges & Learnings

Adapting to New Toolsets and Ecosystem

Working at ByteDance means you have to cooperate with different departments, and it is always essential for designers to act as a middle man and help the teams collaborate while producing thoughtful insights.

As a newcomer to the team, you have to get familiar with all the toolsets like design systems and workflows FAST. You also have to communicate with all the team members as often (or necessary) as possible to align your projects' goals, business-wise and experience-wise.

Learn the Needs & Break the Status Quo

During the process of brainstorming the confidential project, I had the opportunity to communicate with the leader of Lark Design and experiment with different solutions beyond the scope of traditional product thinking.

As the project pushes forward, I learned the essence of presenting the solution persuasively: A novel design should always address the needs clearly and be backed by numerous provings. The premise of breaking the status quo should always be clear needs, goals, and processes.

Be Confident and Have Your Standpoints

The independent thinking process for a designer is always vital. During the process of adapting to the workflow, I had some hard times determining whether I could do certain things or not.

But at the end of the day, design is always about exchanging ideas and finding the best solutions. So don't be afraid to speak out your voices. Presenting your ideas and the reason for your design choices and giving fellow designers thoughtful critiques are always the best ways to improve your design ability.

Lots of Love and Thanks ❤️

To my mentor Zhaoyuan and team leader Yichen, for giving me the opportunity to learn and continuous guidance; To my amazing PM partners Jie and Tianyu, for the amazing collaboration and insightful feedback; and to all the members at Lark Design - Beijing, for all the help and amazing experience! Hope to see you all very soon in the future~

The Lark Design - Beijing Team
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